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Building Sustainable And Cost-Effective Property Solutions

At ITSA HOMES, we are passionate about the environment and helping our clients create new ways to build sustainably.


If you desire a greener and more sustainable way of living, we can help you. As an accredited HIA GreenSmart Professional, we can work and collaborate with you to choose the best ‘green’ options to meet your individual needs.




There Are Many Ways to get Started.

You May Choose to:

  • Voluntarily go beyond current building regulations for energy and water efficiency
  • Look at the way the home is built to make sure the impact on the environment is reduced
  • Or you might want to focus on energy or water rather than upgrading on all aspects of the home.

Itsa homes can deliver cost-effective solutions that are timely and within budget. Speak to one of our building consultants today and see how we can help.




Benefits of Living in  A GreenSmart House

  • Improves the water and energy efficiency of your home - reducing energy bills and costs
  • Creates healthier homes for occupants
  • Provides additional options to make your home more adaptable at all stages of life
  • Reduces waste from the building process
  • Improves site management during construction

Homes that make the most of ‘HIA GreenSmart’ principles can be great to live in, comfortable all year round, quiet, draught-free and highly energy efficient. They are also good for the environment, reducing pollution and offer a better use of natural resources.

To learn more about building a GreenSmart home, visit the HIA GreenSmart website at or contact Tony to discuss your personal needs on 0414-319-632.

Alternatively, you can send an Online Enquiry and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible...